Strangers honor Korean War veteran

“He was a Korean War vet and he really doesn’t have much family here,” she says.  “I’m kind of the only person who knows him.”

That’s why she posted an open invitation to his funeral on a Facebook page for military members. 

page, I posted on it around 2 o’clock yesterday, and over the day there were like 500 shares and 300 likes,” she says.

Melissa Alkhaiberi was among those who answered the call.

“I saw that it was near Denver, and I work in Denver, so I thought if I could go if I can get some time off and show my respects,” Alkaiberi says. “That man took it upon himself to serve our country. the least we can do is show him respect.”

Elmer McLane was certainly not forgotten. 

“If it wasn’t for the Facebook page and response it would be me and my boyfriend attending the funeral,” Duffy says.